Ullas 2019 at South Point School

The Inter-School Festival ‘Ullas 2019‘ was hosted by South Point School on 23 November 2019 in the School premises.

Garden High School participated in five events.The GHS team bagged the first prize in Quiz-i-Tale. The team was represented by Tanirika Bhattacharjee (III A), Sreshthangsu Srimani (III D) and Samriddhi Mandal (III E).

Ariv Paul (V F) bagged the first prize in Spin-a-Yarn.

The third prize for Harsh Taal went to team GHS as well. The team was represented by Srobona Majumdar (III E), Utshan Dey (III E), Anushka Mukherjee (III C), Shristi Bhowmick (III B), Oishi De (III F) and Adrija Shankar (III B).

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