• Nursery I till Class II
    • No examination.
    • Assessment will be on the basis of the work done in class throughout the Academic Year.
  • Classes III till IX, & XI
    The CISCE has decided that in tune with the National Policy on Education, 1986/92, School-based Evaluation shall cover both the scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of pupil growth.

    1. Scholastic/Academic Achievement
      • Unit Tests/Assignments
        • Experience has proved conclusively that the use of the term ‘test’ to denote any attempt at an evaluation immediately puts pupils under a strain.
        • A system of ‘unit tests’ usually spanning two or more periods eats into teaching time and denies pupils an opportunity to correct their errors and to clear any doubts because of the lack of sufficient time in between any two sets of unit tests.
        • In view of these GHS will rely on assignments in the form of classwork rather than unit tests as a basis for continuous evaluation.
      • Examinations
        • Half-Yearly Examination
        • Annual Examination
    2. Non-Scholastic Aspects
      Pupils will also be assessed internally on the following:

      • Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (SUPW)
      • One activity out of literary, scientific, cultural, and adventure activities
    3. Attitudes
      The attitudes that will be considered for rating will include attitudes towards teachers, peers, studies, school events, school property, etc.
    4. Co-Curricular Activities
      Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the routine, and efforts are being made continually to make them as diverse as possible without disrupting the academic routine of the School in any way.
  • Classes X & XII
    • Regular Class assignments
    • Half-Yearly Examination and Prelims.
    • Mock Tests on a weekly basis in between the above two examinations.
    • Attendance at these Tests is compulsory.
    • In accordance with the direction of the CISCE, no pupil of Class X or Class XII will be held back from the ICSE(10)/ISC(12) except under the regulations provided in the Syllabuses and Regulations booklet of the Examinations. A copy of the relevant booklet is provided to each pupil of Class IX / XI.

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