No-Fire Cooking October 2020

The lockdown has indeed startled us with a lot of surprises! Who would have thought that children who are usually known for their tantrums when it comes to eating healthy food, would be seen dishing out a range of delicacies from their very own home laboratory- the kitchen. Donning the Master Chef’s hat , the children of Class V were seen coming up with a variety of gastronomical delights- be it sandwiches or cupcakes, smoothies or lip- smacking ‘chaats’ during the ‘no fire’ cooking exercise. But that wasn’t all. Through this exercise that was aptly named ‘Beat the Heat while You Eat‘, the children not only appreciated the efforts that go into the preparation of meals, but also learnt the lessons of independence and responsibility by handling the intricacies and challenges in the kitchen. We hope that the children are now encouraged to go into the kitchen more often and lend a helping hand to their parents.

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