Inter School fest hosted by the M.P. Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School on 28 and 29 September 2021.

Participating in 14 different events across two days, Garden High School was represented by a contingent of 57 pupils from classes VI to XII. It was a competitive fest, yet fun filled and a great learning experience for all.

The Events and the participants were:

Quotient (quiz): The junior team comprised Anurag Sen (VIC), Ariv Paul (VIIF) and Arhan Dasgupta (VIIB). They were placed 3rd in their event.





Wrangle (debate): The two- member team of Ishaan Mukherjee and Nandini Chaudhuri, both from Class IXD won the 2ndplace in the competition.




Express Express (creative writing): In the senior category for Bengali, Ankur Ghosh  (IXD),  was placed 2nd.  Anjistha Das (VIIIE) won the 3rd prize in the junior category (English).



Colour Your Thoughts (poster making): Tiyasa Majumdar ( XIA), and Swagato Biswas (VIIIC) ,  were placed 3rd in their respective senior and junior categories.

Bandish (Eastern music): The team comprised Titas Sengupta (VIIIE), Adrija Mukherjee (IXE), Monoswita Sengupta (IXD), Meghbalika Adhikary (IXD), Agneesh Raychaudhri (XIA), Mehul Sarkar(XIIB) with the editor Rishan Chatterjee (XIA). They secured the 3rdposition.

Rhythm (Eastern Dance): The senior team comprised Rahi Dey (IXF), Krityali Sau (XD), Sheersha  Banerjee (XA) ,Sneha De (XIB) , Dishari Chowdhury (XIC), Shreya Sutradhar(XIIC) and the editor Swarnava Saha (XIC). They were placed 3rd.. The junior team- Srimoyee Chaudhuri (VID), Sreenita Banerjee (VIIIA) and Swarnava Saha (Editor) (XIC) was also placed 3rd in their event.

Kaleidoscope (science event): Sayan Roy and Prajjakta Pal, both of class IXA, were placed 2nd in the event.








64 Squares (chess) : The school was represented by Saanket Das of IXC and he won the 2ndprize in the event.





Toss Up (fireless cooking): Dhismita Paul of class IXC, won the 1st position in the event.





Cacophonix (Western Music): The team consisting of Nandini Chaudhuri (IXD), Diya Barman (IXD), Olivia Bagchi (XIB) ,Udbhas Saha (XIA), Atri Adhikari (XIIA), Aagnik Pandey  (XIIC) and the editor Aatmashri Sanyal  (XIIC) ,  was placed 2nd in the competition.


Clutch (Valorant, e-gaming ): The school was represented by Ritam Majumdar (XIA), Rudvick Sengupta (XIB) , Ashmit Roychowdhury (IXB) , Rajrup Aich ( XIC), Swarnava Paul (XIA) and Debargha Roy (XIC) as standby. They won the 1st place.

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