Inter – House Elocution: Class V (Vernacular)

The Inter-House Vernacular Elocution Competition was held on 19 December 2020 on the digital platform. The event was judged by Mrs Arpita Mukhopadhyay Maiti and Mrs Rumpa Paul.

The participants for the Inter-House Bengali Elocution were Arshia Datta (VE)from Oak House, Aaronya Paul (VA) from Chinar House, Rishit Dutta (VE) from Cedar House and Srimoyee Chaudhuri (VD) from Palm House. Our accomplished elocutionists recited lines from Tagore to the modern poet Amitesh Maiti with ease.

The participants for the Inter-House Hindi Elocution were Aishik Moitra (VB) from Oak House, Keya (VF) from Chinar House, Anushka Bose (VB) from Cedar House and Ayush Bhattacharya (VB) from Palm House. Their diction and communication skills were commendable as they elocuted lines from Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Ram Naresh Tripathi and other poets.

The time keeper for the event was Ayush Chakraborty (IXD), the photographer was Vibhan Dutta (IXD) and the moderators for the event were Debaprabha Thakur (IXA) and Anurag Biswas (IXD).

The winners were:

Bengali Elocution:
1st :Arshia Datta (VE) Oak House
2nd :Rishit Dutta (VE) and Cedar House
Srimoyee Chaudhuri (VD) Palm House

Hindi Elocution:
1st: Aishik Moitra (VB) Oak House
2nd: Ayush Bhattacharya (VB) Palm House
3rd: Anushka Bose (VB) Cedar House

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