Inter – House Elocution: Class IV (Vernacular)

The Vernacular Inter- House Elocution Competition was held on 19 December 2020 on a digital platform. The event was judged by Mrs Arpita Mukhopadhyay Maiti and Mrs Sharmistha Gorai Biswas.

The participants for the Bengali Elocution Competition were Srobona Majumdar (IVE) from Oak House, Eenakshi Saha (IVC) from Chinar House, Oishi De (IVF) from Cedar House and Shrimoyi Dhole (IVE) from Palm House. The participants stood out with their strong elocution skills captivating the audience with verses from Sukumar Ray to Nirendranath Chakravarty.

The participants for the Hindi Elocution Competition were Aarush Bhowmick (IVF) from Oak House, Arya Gupta (IVB) from Chinar House, Spriha Pandey (IVF) from Cedar House and Ainesh Palit (IVB) from Palm House. The pupils displayed ample dexterity and communication skills reciting lines from the works of poets like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and Ram Naresh Tripathi.

The time keeper for the event was Ayush Chakraborty (IX D), the photographer was Vibhan Dutta (IXD) and the moderator for the event was Archishman Adhikari (IXD).

The winners were:

Bengali Elocution

1st : Srobona Majumdar (IVE) Oak House
2nd : Oishi De (IVF) Cedar House
3rd : Eenakshi Saha (IVC) Chinar House

Hindi Elocution

1st : Ainesh Palit (IVB) Palm House
2nd : Aarush Bhowmick (IVF) Oak House
3rd : Spriha Pandey (IVF) Cedar House

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