Inter – House Elocution: Class III (Vernacular)

Inter -House Elocution Competition 2020
Class III (Vernacular)

The Vernacular Inter – House Elocution Competition for Class III was held on 12 December 2020. Our extremely talented participants amazed us with their skills. The participants for the Bengali Elocution Competition were Aishani Thakur (IIIE) from Oak House, Kushagra Mandal (IIIC) from Chinar House, Divyanshi Datta (IIIA) from Cedar House and Shriyadrita Das (IIIA) from Palm House. The participants for the Hindi Elocution Competition were Suhani Bhaumik (IIIF) from Oak House, Aryahi Kashyap (IIIB) from Chinar House, Debshrestha Das (IIIF) from Cedar House and Hritika Dolui (IIIF) from Palm House.

The judges for the event were Mrs Saswati Mitra and Mrs Rumpa Paul who encouraged the pupils with a few wise words at the end of the event. The moderator for the event was Soumee Bhaumik (IXD). Anurag Biswas (IXD) was the timekeeper and Debaprabha Thakur (IXA) was the photographer. They helped in the smooth proceeding of the event.

The winners list:

Bengali Elocution:
1st: Divyanshi Datta (IIIA) Cedar House
2nd: Kushagra Mandal (IIIC) Chinar House
3rd: Shriyadrita Das (IIIA) Palm House

Hindi Elocution:
1st: Hritika Dolui (III F) Palm House
2nd: Aryahi Kashyap (IIIB) Chinar House
3rd: Debshrestha Das (IIIF) Cedar House

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