Iskule Bioscope

Iskule Bioscope

Iskule Bioscope organized by Bichitra Pathshala celebrated the life and works of the late actor, Soumitra Chatterjee in a month-long programme.

Sanjukta Adhikary (IXE) and Ariv Paul (VIIF) took part in the Quiz on the career highlights of Soumitra Chatterjee and the various roles played by him in different films. The contestants cleared the preliminary rounds held on July 9 to move on to the finals on July 15.

The finals were graced by eminent personalities, Ms Sharmila Tagore and Mr Gautam Ghose, who answered the questions posed to them by the participants.

In an exemplary show of knowledge and research done on the late actor, team GHS secured the 3rd position in a hairline finish.

GOLDEN GAUNTLET – Inter School Sports Quiz




Students of Classes X and XI participated in the Inter-School Sports Quiz GOLDEN GAUNTLET, sponsored by the Debanjan Sen Foundation. The competition was held on a virtual platform from 29 June to 4 July 2021. 19 schools participated in this event.

The competition comprised 3 quizzes:
General Sports (TOUCHDOWN), Cricket (BEAMER), and Football (NUTMEG)

Biswaroop Chowdhury (XIA) was the Team Captain and the team members were, Monoshij Ghosh (XIA), Ishan Burman (XIC), Samriddha Nandi (10A), Shounak Mazumdar (XE) and Shiladitya Banerjee (XE).

Shounak Mazumdar, Biswaroop Chowdhury and Shiladitya Banerjee were placed Second in the Football Quiz (Nutmeg).
The boys showed their prowess in the face of stiff competition. In a nail- biting finish they did the school proud.

Garden High School emerged the Overall Runners- up of the event.

Summer Fun – Class V Activity

Sunny weather, vacation time, outings, smoothies and shakes make summer time the most awaited season for the students. The students of Class V beamed with joy and looked radiant when they spoke about the beauty of summer. It was delightful to hear the budding poets reciting their verses, the enthusiastic chefs displaying salads and juices and the promising artists creating magic through their bright sketches, mellifluous songs and graceful dance performance.

Crescendo 2021

Crescendo  was an online business fest hosted and conducted by Lilavatibai Podar School, Mumbai. It was held on 10 April 2021. One had to apply the knowledge acquired in economics and commerce along with current affairs and reasoning to participate in events like real life monopoly, stock exchange and creating brands.

Students of Garden High School, Class 12 Commerce, participated in the fest and won the first position as overall National ISC Winners amongst 25 other participating schools.


ISC – Fortune It – 1st
Yajinn Sharma

ISC – QCD Express – 2nd
Aagnik Pandey

Crescendo Stock Exchange – 2nd
Rohitashwa Chakraborty
Aryan Agarwal
Anirban Banerjee
Siddharth Banerjee

Aatmashri Sanyal
Shreya Sutradhar

A big round of applause for all the winners. Congratulations!

Fairy Tale: Class III Activity

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The pupils of Class III did a wonderful portrayal of their favourite fairytale characters for their June activity. Their innovative talents were commendable as they dressed like the characters they chose with whatever was available with them. They spoke enthusiastically giving a reason for their choice. The children thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about the characters they had read about.

Let’s Recycle: Class IV Activity

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5 June, World Environment Day, was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the pupils of Class IV. Pupils made eco-friendly bags and aprons out of old newspaper, planted saplings, recycled old plastic bottles to make pen stands, bird feeders, flower pots, reused old, worn out objects at home to make items of home decor. It was thoroughly enjoyable for the pupils and it helped to hone their creative skills as well.

‘Who Am I?’ – Activity for Primary Section

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June 24, Thursday, saw a fancy dress activity titled, ‘Who Am I? ‘ in the Primary Section. It was a theme related fun activity which the children enjoyed as well as gathered a lot of information from each other about the subject they portrayed. The children spoke smartly, confidently and fitted into their roles with ease and obvious enjoyment. Thank you parents, for the part you played, we feel privileged to have your support.

Rabindra Jayanti (Class V)

The students of Class V celebrated Rabindra Jayanti on the digital platform. The children showcased their talent in colourful outfits. The pupils sang soulful Rabindra Sangeet and performed Rabindra Nritya. They were extremely enthusiastic about this activity and put up a great performance.

Rabindra Jayanti Celebrations – Class IV

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The pupils of Class IV celebrated the 160th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore with great enthusiasm on a digital platform. Some students prepared short speeches on Rabindranath Tagore, some recited their favourite poems and recitals by the great poet. Pupils sang melodious songs and danced beautifully to ‘Rabindra Sangeet’. They also made wonderful sketches of the great poet. Despite the limitations of online events, the Rabindra Jayanti celebration was a huge success as it ushered the spirit of unity, love, positivity and hope.

A New Beginning – Class III

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Children of Class III of Garden High School participated in several activities in the months of April and May. They celebrated the season of Spring, the celebration of New Year across India and Rabindra Jayanti. Spring as we know brings joy and warmth with its different hues, so does New Year. Several states in India celebrate New Year and harvest festivals in April. Rabindra Jayanti, an annually celebrated cultural festival in remembrance of Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday, was celebrated this year on 9 May 2021 on the virtual platform. The children dressed up beautifully according to the occasion and sang, danced, recited, gave speeches and played different musical instruments.

A New Beginning – Class V

The pupils of Class V, Garden High School celebrated the New Year of different states like Baisakhi, Bihu, Gudi Padwa and Poila Baisakh on the virtual platform through a variety programme. Attired in colourful costumes the pupils sang, danced, recited poems and spoke about how the celebrations take place in different states amid festivities.

A New Year… A New Beginning

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Pupils of Class IV explored the diverse traditional celebrations of New Year across the different states of India. They found great joy in researching the different cultures and during virtual class, spoke for a minute or two each about what they had learnt. They made vibrant posters and neat PowerPoint presentations to refer to during their speech. The pupils wore ethnic clothes, some of them representative of the State they had worked on, and shared their budding talents through singing, dancing and recitation.



International English Olympiad
360 pupils (class 1 to class 10- Academic Session 2020-21) participated in the International English Olympiad online examination organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation in the month of December 2020. The following is the list of names of the Medal Winners.

International Mathematics Olympiad
404 pupils (class 1 to class 10-Academic Session 2020-21) participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad online examination organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation in the month of January 2021. The following is the list of names of the Medal Winners.

National Science Olympiad
344 pupils (class 1 to class 10-Academic Session 2020-21) participated in the National Science Olympiad online examination organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation in the month of January 2021. The following is the list of names of the Medal Winners.

International General Knowledge Olympiad
182 pupils (class 1 to class 10-Academic Session 2020-21) participated in the International General Knowledge Olympiad online examination organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation in the month of December 2020. The following is the list of names the medal winners.

*The class and section mentioned in the list are of the year 2021-22.

Click on the links below to download full list:








Earth Day 2021

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‘Restore Our Earth’ was the theme for Earth Day 2021. It was celebrated by the pupils of Nursery l to Class ll on Thursday, 22 April 2021.Our young pupils pledged to protect the earth and save our planet by conserving resources, planting trees to increase oxygen and to protect habitats, by keeping the environment clean, and recycling. Dressed in blue and green, the children enjoyed making posters and simple craft, and solving Earth Day puzzles.

Aaranyak Ray: Champion of MIO AMORE MATHEMAZIC Inter-school Mathematics competition, 2019-2020










Aaranyak Ray, currently a student of Class IX, is announced as the champion of MIO AMORE MATHEMAZIC Inter-School Mathematics competition, 2019-2020 (Class VII category). The announcement which was done via Facebook recently was delayed by more than a year due to the COVID situation.

Aaranyak has received a one-time financial scholarship for his achievement. With this award he is a top achiever of this contest for two consecutive years.

Congratulations Aaranyak !


The last two Saturdays of February, saw the final activity of the academic year, 2020-2021, in the Primary School. The activity was named ‘Gifted’ as we feel our children, certainly are. They were asked to recite, sing, dance or play any musical instrument.All of them made us proud with their individual performance. The change from a shy youngster getting used to the online platform, to a supremely confident one, was heartwarming for the teachers and of course Ratna Ma’am and Sunitha Ma’am. Here we would like to mention our parents and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for being with us and supporting us right from the beginning of this difficult year.

Incredible India – Class IV Activity

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Pupils of Class IV participated in a colourful show titled ‘Incredible India’ in January 2021 on a digital platform. They dressed up in the traditional attire of the states they were representing. The pupils spoke about the famous monuments, food and cultural heritage of the states. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all.

Achievement in Asset Talent Search

Samraat Samiksh Sen of Class IX D has been rewarded for his outstanding performance in Asset Talent Search 2019, held annually by EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES for the students who score above 99% in at least one subject in the Asset Exams held in School.

He is among the top one percentile in a pool of 14000+ students who appeared for the assessment in 2019 and has been awarded with a NETBOOK.

The award was to be presented in a felicitation ceremony in 2020 but the delivery of the same got delayed because of the Pandemic and Lockdown that ensued.



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Little minds can go a long way. This was discerned in the way the imaginative and enthusiastic children of Class III, disregarding the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, celebrated their favourite festival online. The children dressed for their favourite festival in all its glitter and glory and eloquently expressed their reason for the choice of festival. It was a learning experience for all of them as they spoke about the significance of the festivals. All the sections of Class III participated and completed the activity over two classes in the month of November 2020. It was a fun-filled portrayal of their creativity which inadvertently helped in instilling the diversity and uniqueness of each festival celebrated in India.


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Christmas, the festival of giving gifts, is also the season of love, generosity, kindness and happiness. The children of Class III presented their thoughts and ideas on giving and sharing through posters, pictures and little acts dressed up as Santa Claus and other Christmas characters, on a virtual platform. The month of December brought a smile on the faces of the pupils and teachers as all the sections took turns to do their bit to spread some Christmas cheer.

Inter – House Elocution: Class V (Vernacular)

The Inter-House Vernacular Elocution Competition was held on 19 December 2020 on the digital platform. The event was judged by Mrs Arpita Mukhopadhyay Maiti and Mrs Rumpa Paul.

The participants for the Inter-House Bengali Elocution were Arshia Datta (VE)from Oak House, Aaronya Paul (VA) from Chinar House, Rishit Dutta (VE) from Cedar House and Srimoyee Chaudhuri (VD) from Palm House. Our accomplished elocutionists recited lines from Tagore to the modern poet Amitesh Maiti with ease.

The participants for the Inter-House Hindi Elocution were Aishik Moitra (VB) from Oak House, Keya (VF) from Chinar House, Anushka Bose (VB) from Cedar House and Ayush Bhattacharya (VB) from Palm House. Their diction and communication skills were commendable as they elocuted lines from Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Ram Naresh Tripathi and other poets.

The time keeper for the event was Ayush Chakraborty (IXD), the photographer was Vibhan Dutta (IXD) and the moderators for the event were Debaprabha Thakur (IXA) and Anurag Biswas (IXD).

The winners were:

Bengali Elocution:
1st :Arshia Datta (VE) Oak House
2nd :Rishit Dutta (VE) and Cedar House
Srimoyee Chaudhuri (VD) Palm House

Hindi Elocution:
1st: Aishik Moitra (VB) Oak House
2nd: Ayush Bhattacharya (VB) Palm House
3rd: Anushka Bose (VB) Cedar House

Inter – House Elocution: Class IV (Vernacular)

The Vernacular Inter- House Elocution Competition was held on 19 December 2020 on a digital platform. The event was judged by Mrs Arpita Mukhopadhyay Maiti and Mrs Sharmistha Gorai Biswas.

The participants for the Bengali Elocution Competition were Srobona Majumdar (IVE) from Oak House, Eenakshi Saha (IVC) from Chinar House, Oishi De (IVF) from Cedar House and Shrimoyi Dhole (IVE) from Palm House. The participants stood out with their strong elocution skills captivating the audience with verses from Sukumar Ray to Nirendranath Chakravarty.

The participants for the Hindi Elocution Competition were Aarush Bhowmick (IVF) from Oak House, Arya Gupta (IVB) from Chinar House, Spriha Pandey (IVF) from Cedar House and Ainesh Palit (IVB) from Palm House. The pupils displayed ample dexterity and communication skills reciting lines from the works of poets like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and Ram Naresh Tripathi.

The time keeper for the event was Ayush Chakraborty (IX D), the photographer was Vibhan Dutta (IXD) and the moderator for the event was Archishman Adhikari (IXD).

The winners were:

Bengali Elocution

1st : Srobona Majumdar (IVE) Oak House
2nd : Oishi De (IVF) Cedar House
3rd : Eenakshi Saha (IVC) Chinar House

Hindi Elocution

1st : Ainesh Palit (IVB) Palm House
2nd : Aarush Bhowmick (IVF) Oak House
3rd : Spriha Pandey (IVF) Cedar House

Inter – House Elocution: Class III (Vernacular)

Inter -House Elocution Competition 2020
Class III (Vernacular)

The Vernacular Inter – House Elocution Competition for Class III was held on 12 December 2020. Our extremely talented participants amazed us with their skills. The participants for the Bengali Elocution Competition were Aishani Thakur (IIIE) from Oak House, Kushagra Mandal (IIIC) from Chinar House, Divyanshi Datta (IIIA) from Cedar House and Shriyadrita Das (IIIA) from Palm House. The participants for the Hindi Elocution Competition were Suhani Bhaumik (IIIF) from Oak House, Aryahi Kashyap (IIIB) from Chinar House, Debshrestha Das (IIIF) from Cedar House and Hritika Dolui (IIIF) from Palm House.

The judges for the event were Mrs Saswati Mitra and Mrs Rumpa Paul who encouraged the pupils with a few wise words at the end of the event. The moderator for the event was Soumee Bhaumik (IXD). Anurag Biswas (IXD) was the timekeeper and Debaprabha Thakur (IXA) was the photographer. They helped in the smooth proceeding of the event.

The winners list:

Bengali Elocution:
1st: Divyanshi Datta (IIIA) Cedar House
2nd: Kushagra Mandal (IIIC) Chinar House
3rd: Shriyadrita Das (IIIA) Palm House

Hindi Elocution:
1st: Hritika Dolui (III F) Palm House
2nd: Aryahi Kashyap (IIIB) Chinar House
3rd: Debshrestha Das (IIIF) Cedar House

Middle School Interhouse Debate

GHS conducted an Inter-House Debate for Classes VII and VIII on 5 December 2020 on the topic – PIZZA PASTA OR PEAS PULAO. The event, which was conducted via Zoom, had some intense debating between the young speakers followed by a brutal rebuttal round.

Chinar House was represented by Nandini Chaudhuri (VIIIE) and Monoswita Sengupta (VIIID). Sudakshina Ghosh (VIID) and Oishik Mondal (VIIIE) were the participants from Cedar House. Diya Barman (VIIIE) and Anjistha Das (VIIE) represented Oak House. Palm House was represented by Ishaan Mukherjee (VIIIF) and Ananda Basu (VIIIA). The moderator for the day was Samraat Samiksh Sen (IXD), and the judge was our very own Pro-Rector Mrs Kavita Guha.


Best speaker: Anjistha Das (VIIE), Oak House

Second best speaker: Ishaan Mukherjee (VIIIF), Palm House

Third best speaker: Ananda Basu (VIIIA), Palm House


GHS hosted the Class VI Inter-House Extempore Competition on 28 November on a digital platform. The topic was ‘If Only’. The participants were Anindit Roy Chowdhury (6A) and Eeshika Roy Chowdhury (6D) from Cedar House, Ariv Paul (6F) and Archismaan Chakraborty (6D) from Chinar House, Abhirup Sen (6A) and Iravati Mukherje (6C) from Palm House and Spandan Paul (6C) and Suprabudhha Das (6D) from Oak House.

The judge for the event was our respected Pro-Rector Mrs. Kavita Guha who shared a few wise words at the end of the event. We were honoured by the presence of our Principal, Mrs. Rajashri Biswas and Vice-Principal, Mrs Sharmila Mazumdar. The moderators for the event were Soumee Bhaumik (9D) and Archishman Adhikari (9D). Ayush Chakraborty (9D) was the timekeeper and Anurag Biswas (9D) was the photographer. They helped in the smooth proceeding of the event.

We thank all the teachers for their constant support.

The positions of the speakers in the competition were,
1st – Anindit Roy Chowdhury (6A- Cedar House)
2nd – Iravati Mukherjee (6C- Palm House)
3rd – Ariv Paul( 6F- Chinar House)


Birla High School (Mukundapur) had organized ‘Spellympic 2020’ on the virtual platform. Thirteen schools contested in the preliminary round out of which ten qualified to the Finals that was held on 16 December 2020. Out of six exciting rounds on English vocabulary and Scrabble, three schools emerged winners. Garden High School bagged the second runner-up position. The participants and winners from Garden High School were Aarush Bhaumik (Class 4F), Aishani Sarkar (Class 5C), and Raul Chowdhury (Class 5E). We are proud of the winners.

Creativity Marathon

The ‘Creativity Marathon’, organised by the Full Sail University, Florida, USA, was a month-long film-making competition in five countries – Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, India, and USA. The challenge was to make a 3 minute long video, suggesting a creative solution to one of the burning problems in the world mentioned under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 adopted by the United Nations. The competition was open from 2nd October to 7th November, with various sessions from the Full Sail University. A total of over 600 videos were sent, including 43 from India.

The pupils representing Garden High School were:

Aiko Roy (9 A)
Arnesh Chowdhury (11 B)
Arunava Bhattacharya (11 B)
Debaprabha Thakur (9 A)
Richik Chakraborty (12 A)

Our pupils created the video without stepping out of their homes. It was a great learning experience for them. The following is the Garden High School’s submission:

Humans are a storehouse of wonderful ideas. Say you have an incredible aspiration; how do you go about achieving it? You need a plan, a blueprint to guide your actions. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are such a blueprint, designed to achieve a better future for all. The 2030 Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. Inspired by this strive for sustainability, our team has centred it’s presentation around one of the most pressing issues today corresponding to SDG 6: “Clean Water and Sanitation”

This presentation embodies the idea of “Change Begins at Home” and portrays how each of us just doing our own little part in conserving water can have an enormous impact on the quality of life of the people around us, as well as worldwide. Watch along to find out how one drop is equivalent to one life. As we step into this new decade amidst difficult circumstances, one must remember, we must strive to be the change we want to see in the world.



Participants buckled up for their performances on 6 and 7 November 2020 for Zenith’20 – Cultural Fete, a fest organized by Lilavatibai Podar High School, Mumbai. The student representatives were: Sheersha Banerjee (9A), Soumee Bhaumik (9D), Sayak Roy (12B) and Sanjeevani Sen (12B). Garden High School participated in 16 events out of which our school won in the following events:

  • The Next Big Idea (product pitching): – In this team event, Soham Das(11C) and Rohitashwa Chakraborty(11C) secured the 2nd
  • Groove To Prove (dance): – Ahana Majumdar(10B) got the 2nd
  • YOUniverse (personality event): – Sheersha Banerjee(9A) secured the 3rd Position. 
  • Qissa (Hindi story telling): – Arunava Bhattacharya(11B) bagged the 1st Position and Nirjar Dutta(9C) got the 2nd 
  • Chess Mania (chess): – Aniruddh Chatterjee(10C) bagged the 2nd Position and Samyak Datta (12A) got the 3rd Position.
  • The Zenith Gazette (report writing): The 2nd Position was bagged by Team GHS. The participants were, Rannvijay Roy (9A), Aishichchha Dutta(9A), Shounak Majumdar(9E) and Anurag Biswas(9D).

Garden High School would like to congratulate all the participants. The school     remains grateful to all the teachers and mentors for their support and guidance.


Championship at ULLAS 2020

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ULLAS  2020

South Point School, undaunted by the ongoing crisis, organised its annual inter- school fest, aptly named ‘Ullas’. The events involved classes IV and V and the entire programme was executed virtually, as is the order of the day. The Quiz was held live on Zoom on 28.11.20 while, for the other events the pupils had to send recordings of their performances.

Out of the five events that were organised, our little champs came out with flying colours in the following:

  1. Rhyme and Rhythm (English Recitation)

Eenakshi Saha (Class IV C) and Ayush Bhattacharya (Class V B) impressed the judges with their lively recitation of ‘The Dentist and the Crocodile’ and ‘Saw my Teacher on a Saturday’ respectively. They successfully bagged the 1st and the 2nd positions respectively.

  1. Tarana (Hindi/Bengali Semi-classical songs)

Tannishtha Sengupta (Class IV C) and Kaushiki Roy Chowdhury (Class V D) made us proud by securing the 2nd and the 3rd positions respectively with their soulful rendition of ‘Dole dodul dole’ and ‘Ogo amar aagomoni’ respectively.

  1. Kwizwiz(Quiz)

Tanirika Bhattacharjee (Class IV A) and Anurag Sen (Class V C) wheezed through the quiz rounds with admirable confidence. They secured the 1st position as a team in this event.

Last but not the least, the hard work of the students and the supervising teachers secured for us the Championship Trophy. It can hardly be expressed through words how proud we feel of our students for bringing such glory to our school.

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