Crazy Kitchen Activity (Class III)

Crazy Kitchen Activity (Class III)

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Class teachers of class III organized a non-fire cooking activity in their respective sections just before the school closed for their Durga Puja vacation. The students made sweet and savoury food items during class with the help of their class teachers. It was held on the Zoom platform. The children had been informed about the required ingredients earlier. On the day of the class each child had arranged the ingredients nicely on their tables and were ready for the class to begin. No fire was used in the process of preparing the dishes. The students worked with excitement with their teacher as she showed them the process.

Class IIIA made Papdi Chat and Fruit Salad. Class IIIB turned out with an innovative Biscuit Pudding. Class IIIC came up with tasty Masala Sandwich. Class IIID also made a sandwich naming it Veg Sandwich. Class IIIE presented Fruit Dessert Cups. Class IIIF also made a dessert called Mud Rocks.

The children enjoyed making dishes on their own and relished them later too. It was a great learning experience for them which brought out their creativity and made them understand the value of food.

Non-fire Cook-In (Class IV)

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Pupils of Class IV took part in a Virtual Non-fire Cook-in organised in the month of October. All were dressed in aprons and chef caps. The children had all the ingredients ready. They followed instructions amid a lot of enthusiasm and did their work. Some of the items they made were sandwiches, ‘masala muri’, ‘papri chaat’, lemonade and ‘shikanji’.

Storybook Characters (Class V)

It is not often that you find Chacha Chaudhury,Count Dracula,Willy Wonka,Kadambini , Heidi and Red Riding Hood coming together.But that is exactly what happened in Class 5 when the ever enthusiastic students decided to add an element of excitement to their everyday lessons by dressing up as their favourite story book characters.

The exercise had a twin objective- that of entertainment and breaking the monotony of the lockdown as the children matched outfits and wore make-up while also instilling in them the habit of reading which seems to have almost become a forgotten habit in this virtual age. The children rose to the occasion by not only drawing lessons from the books but also putting their imagination to work by visualizing their favourite characters.

We applaud the efforts put in by the children and their parents without whom these characters would not have come alive. We hope that the children are now encouraged to spend more time to explore the fascinating world of literature.

Inter-House Art and Craft Competition for Classes III-VII

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GHS had an Inter-House Art and Craft Competition for Classes III-VII. It was organised on a digital platform and all the students from all the classes participated. They put up an array of creative skills through bookmarks (Class III), greeting cards(Class IV), collage(ClassV) and spray painting(Class VI).Class VII students made posters on the topic, ‘Prevention of Covid’.

The judges were Mr. Subhabrata Nandi and Mrs. Nivedita Ghosh Bej.


1st Archismita Chatterjee 3E Cedar
2nd Aishani Das 3F Oak
2nd Somdeep Mukherjee 3A Chinar
3rd Kushagra Mandal 3C Chinar
3rd Trijal Saha 3C Chinar

1st Oishi De 4F Cedar
2nd Aditri Banerjee 4E Palm
2nd Prithwiraj Lahiry 4A Oak
3rd Agnibh Manna 4E Cedar
3rd Aishani Shome 4E Cedar

1st Keya 5F Chinar
2nd Aishani Sarkar 5C Chinar
2nd Agnibho Sen 5A Cedar
3rd Aaron Dey 5B Oak
3rd Anurag Sen 5C Oak

1st Reechik Kanungo 6E Palm
2nd Debopama Dey 6F Palm
2nd Adrita Kolay 6D Chinar
3rd Rupannita Dey 6B Palm
3rd Srinjoy Sinha 6D Chinar

1st Swagato Biswas 7C Palm
2nd Sudhanya Nayak 7C Cedar
2nd Sounak Samanta 7D Palm
3rd Anusha Chowdhury 7E Cedar
3rd Rishita Mazumdar 7F Cedar

Congratulations to Atraiu Basak







Atraiu Basak of Class I has secured a national rank between 11-500 amongst all the participants in Class 1-3 category in the Drawing competition on the subject ‘Earth from Space’ organized by ISRO this year. Congratulations to Atraiu for his excellent performance in ISRO Cyberspace Competitions – 2020.

Youthopia 2020 – Report

As lockdown and quarantine brought forth another monotonous week in our lives, the students of Garden High School had something special to look forward to thanks to The Heritage School. 12th and 13th September 2020 were marked as the days when the Phoenix would rise again, branding the sky with her “insignia of ingenuity”. After a month of auditions, preparations and practices led by Student Representatives Pritika Paul (XII – A) and Richik Chakraborty (XII – A), the school team was ready and waiting for the 11th edition of Youthopia to begin in full swing.

The events were divided into subcategories – live events and video events. The live events we participated in were: debate, creative writing, quiz, GPS This and chess while their video counterparts were: western music, eastern dance and poster making. The live events took place on Discord, a server-based application for audio and video calling and communication, and were also live-streamed on their official website.

Due to a large crowd of participating schools from all over the world, preliminary rounds were held on the 10th for the debate and quiz competitions. War of Wits i.e. the debate prelims saw Garden High School qualifying for the final rounds after 4 hours of deliberation with top debaters from schools across the country. However, fate was not as kind to the participants of Qurious (quiz) as the quiz team comprising Shubhrajit and Abhrajit Bhattacharyya with Monoshij Ghosh as reserve and coached by Ms. Nabanita Ghosh and Ms. Paromita Datta could not qualify for the final rounds despite a valiant effort.

Once the preliminary rounds were over, it was time for the final two days of the fest. After a short opening ceremony over a Zoom meeting, things started off in rapid pace, with the first competition being Battle of Brains – the chess event. The single player event played online over was well-matched and conquered by Aniruddh Chatterjee of class 10 C, who managed to secure the 1st position.

In the meantime, submission deadline for Brilliant Brushes i.e. the poster making event was around the corner. Dishari Chowdhury of class 10 B presented a beautiful display of vibrant colors conveying the message “If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters”. We sincerely appreciate art-teacher Mr. Subhabrata Nandi for helping us with the selection process.

Dishari’s Poster

We’ve all heard of the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. Well now it was time for the participants to prove it as Write to Ignite – the creative writing event, was underway. The team consisted of Pritika Paul of class 12 A for English, Anuratna Banerjee of class 9 E for Bengali and Nirjar Datta of class 9 C for Hindi. We would like to extend our gratitude to teachers Ms. Papiya Ghosh, Ms. Jayanti Roy, Ms. Arpita Mukhopaddhay Maiti, Ms. Saswati Mitra and Ms. Sharmistha Gorai Biswas for helping us in the auditioning process.
Pritika Paul secured the 1st position in the English category.

However, our dose of art for the day was not yet over. The submissions for Raas Ranjini – the event dedicated to Eastern Dance were coming through rapidly. The participants: Sneha De (10 E), Rajanya Dhar (9 A), Ahana Majumdar (10 B), Sheersha Banerjee (9 A), Samriddhi Ghosh (12 B), Shreya Sutradhar (11 C), Krityali Sau (9 D) as dancers and Soumili Hazra (9 A) as video editor, led by teacher Ms. Meghna Guha Mazumdar presented a beautiful display of talent. Their theme – An ode to the sheer courage and strength of women. The dancers, with the help of our video editor centered their performance around the likes of Razia Sultana, Rani Laxmibai, Kadambini Devi and other celebrated icons of womanhood. Besides the praise and appreciation of even their competitors, they also won the 3rd prize.

The first day of the fest concluded with GPS This – the treasure hunt event. This event, exclusive to the school representatives, tested the intelligence, logic and problem-solving skills of those in charge of leading the school team. Garden High School fared quite well, placing 3rd in the race to finding the final solution.

The second day was not as event heavy on our students, with only two scheduled events during the day for the participants.

The first among them was War of Wits – the debate competition. The participants Rannvijay Roy of class 9 A and Richik Chakraborty of class 12 A, helped throughout by reserve speakers Sheersha Banerjee of class 9 A and Sanjeevani Sen of class 12 B as well as teachers Ms. Trina Das Gupta, Ms. Ronjini Bose Correia and Ms. Crystal Fang, went head to head with schools not just across the country, but across the globe. Unfortunately, in spite of an excellent effort the debate team were unable to place in the top 3.

The team for western music brought to this journey a different melody and joy through Synthesize – the western music event. The group comprising Olivia Bagchi and Sarthak Dey as vocalists, Sayan Bhowmik as guitarist, Shounak Das for keyboard and composition and Aatmashri Sanyal as video editor put up an excellent performance. The team fused beautifully the songs My Melancholy Blues by Queen and Perfect by Ed Sheeran, under the guidance of teachers Mr. Anupam Halder and Mr. Gourab Sen.

With colours, literature and melody; wit, knowledge and intellect the arduous but fulfilling two days came to an end. From creativity to intelligence, ready-wit to knowledge, the students were faced with all sorts of challenges. However, with their steady will power, booming confidence and well-honed skill, our participants rose above all challenges and answered all questions that were asked of them through the course of this fest.

Garden High School would like to congratulate every participant for their contribution to the fest and can say with confidence that it has been a thoroughly enriching experience for all of us. We also appreciate all our students who have burnt the midnight oil and have worked tirelessly for days and weeks for the cause of the school team. Special thanks to all teachers involved in the fest proceedings and The Heritage School for providing us with this opportunity.

Regardless of the results, we believe all students have received important lessons in teamwork, collaboration and communication besides learning something new about their skill. The fundamental prize of all competition is not just the awards you win, but the knowledge you gain from it.

Note – All submissions of the video events are accessible from the following link:

Inter-House Senior School (9 & 10) English Debate 2020

Motion: Animal Testing Should Be Banned

GHS organised an Inter-House Debate Competition on Zoom on 05.09.2020. Chinar House was represented by Ishan Burman (X B) and Samraat Samiksh Sen (IX D), and supported by Damayanti Datta (IX E) and Anuratna Banerjee (IX E) as reserves. Sheersha Banerjee (IX A) and Neel Sinha (IX E) were the participants from Cedar House, with Soumee Bhaumik (IX D) and Tanisha Mal (IX A) as reserves. Aishichchha Dutta (IX A) and Rannvijay Roy (IX A) represented Oak house, and were supported by Anwesha Pal (X A) and Debaprabha Thakur (IX A) as reserves. Palm house was represented by Hrishav Dasgupta (X B) and Shiladitya Banerjee (IX E), with Ritam Nag (X D) and Krityali Sau (IX D) as reserves.What followed was an hour of intense debate and thought provoking arguments both for and against the motion. Both sides of the argument that animal testing should be banned were extremely well thought out and convincing, and the participants put their best foot forward in this war of words.

The debate was moderated by Ms. Ronjini Bose Correia, while Soham Mukhopadhyay kept time. The judges for the event were Mr. S.V. Raman and Mr Amitava Nag.

Mrs. Rajashri Biswas (Principal) and Mrs. Sharmila Mazumdar (Vice Principal), as well as teachers and Housemistresses were present to support and encourage the participants.





Inter-House Senior School (11 & 12) English Debate 2020

Garden High School hosted a virtual Inter-House debate for classes 11 and 12 on 5 September 2020. The motion of the house was “Money Over Morals Any Day”.

The participants were Arunava Bhattacharya(11-B) and Mayukh Shubhra Saha(12-A) representing Chinar House, Ridin Dutta(12-A) and Richik Chakraborty(12-A) representing Cedar House, Abhigyan Bhattacharya(12-A) and Arij Mookherjee(11-A) representing Oak House and finally, Aryaveer Das(11-B) and Upasana Basu(12-C) representing Palm House. The debate was moderated by Ms. Kajalnayana Hore and the timekeeper was Zubin Ghosh(11-A).

The honourable judges were Ms.Kavita Guha (the Pro Rector)and Mr. Kushal Biswas. The audience comprised the Principal of the school, Ms. Rajashri Biswas, the Vice-Principal, Ms. Sharmila Mazumdar, and the house mistresses of all the four houses. There were two reserves from each house, ready to step in case of poor internet connectivity. They were Sanjeevani Sen(12-B) and Shubhrajit Bhattacharya(12-A) from Chinar House, Abhrajit Bhattacharya(12-A) and Shaon Malik(11-A) from Cedar House, Barsha Poddar(12-B) and Srijit Kundu(11-A) from Oak House and Saranya Roy Chowdhury(11-A) and Riti Dey(11-C) from Palm House.

The debate went smoothly with no technical issues and all the participants waited eagerly to fight it out. The speeches were well researched and very well delivered with each side bringing up pertinent points. It was a very tense and exciting debate and a brilliant way to remember Teacher’s Day amidst the global pandemic.





Inter House Fairytale Competition for Class III


1st : Ritayan Ganguly 3E (Palm)
2nd: Sreyas Sikder 3D (Palm)
3rd :Debdipta Bandyopadhyay 3A (Palm)
Naishadha Gupta 3E (Chinar)

House Position:
1st : Palm
2nd : Chinar
3rd : Cedar & Oak

GHS organised an Inter- House Fairytale Competition on Saturday 22.8.20 on a digital platform.It was  fun filled and colourful as twenty  four children dressed up in their favourite fairytale characters and spoke for a minute each. They were splendid in their costumes and spoke with confidence showcasing their creativity. The students and the teachers engaged and interacted with their fantastic teamwork to host a first ever online competition with children. The parents also  contributed hugely with costumes and backdrops for the event.

The competition was judged by Mrs. Mahua Dasgupta(Secretary: SKGF) and Mrs. :Ratna Bose (Director: Pre -Primary and Primary section). 

Mrs. Rajashri Biswas (Principal) and Mrs. Sharmila Mazumdar (Vice-Principal)  along with teachers and Housemistresses were present to support the participants.

“Tell-A-Tale” – Inter House Event for Class IV

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1st : Samragnee Das 4E (PALM)
2nd : Ayaan Duttagupta 4F (OAK)
3rd : Samriddhi Debnath 4A (PALM)
Adishree Das 4D (CHINAR)
Oyshee Mitra Chakraborty (CHINAR)

House Position:
1st : Chinar
2nd : Palm
3rd : Oak

A Story Telling Competition was held by the students of Class IV on Saturday, 22.08.20 on a digital platform. Twenty four students using props were given a minute  during which they had to narrate a story. It was a show  of outstanding effort and coordination  of the students, teachers and Housemistresses. The young talents spoke with enthusiasm and skill as they conveyed beautiful messages through their stories. A big Thank you to  all the parents for their help with the props which was an added bonus.

Mrs. Kavita Guha, the Pro- Rector of the school was the honourable judge for the event..The Principal , Mrs. Rajashri Biswas and the Vice- Principal Mrs. Sharmila Mazumder were also present to cheer and support the pupils.

“Save The World” – Inter House Event for Class V

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1st : Aaron Dey 5B (Oak)
2nd : Aayendree Bose 5D (Oak)
3rd : Rohini Poddar 5E (Chinar)
Kalpita Mukherjee 5B (Chinar)

House Position:
1st : Chinar
2nd : Oak
3rd : Cedar

The pupils of Class V participated in an Inter- House Event on Saturday, 22.08.20 on a digital platform. The theme for the event was, ‘One thing you would like to change about the world‘.

Six pupils from each house were selected for the final round which consisted of twenty four contestants.They displayed their placards and spoke on various topics like water conservation, afforestation,racism, greed,pollution , eradication of poverty and much more. Our young learners reminded us about the importance of education and how to stand up against bullying.

The judges who graced the event were: Mr. Amitava Nag ( Director- Planning and Systems) and a senior teacher , Mrs. Sunitha Bhat. 

Mrs. Rajashri Biswas ( Principal) and Mrs. Sharmila Mazumder ( Vice- Principal) were also present to cheer the pupils.

Independence Day Celebrations

On 14 August, a day before our Independence Day, the children of the Primary School celebrated the occasion. Our little ones from Nursery 1 to Class 2 look sweet and smart in their traditional clothes as they confidently spoke, sang and dance through the programme. Despite all odds, our children as usual excelled themselves.

Pupils of Classes III, IV and V observed virtually but with a lot of enthusiasm the Independence Day of our Motherland through several variety programmes during their online classes.

Flag was hoisted at the School Premises by the Principal. The pupils of Garden High School celebrated Independence Day through music, drama and dance. The link of the video presentation is shared below.

Click the links below for the image galleries & video from the GHS YouTube channel:

Junior School Celebrations

Classes III – V

Flag Hoisting @ School


Award for Richik Chakraborty

Richik Chakraborty of Class 12 A, attended the online session of The Heritage School Model United Nations 2020, held over online platforms on 27 and 28 June, 2020.

Richik represented the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the United Nations Security Council and secured the Best Delegate award.

Congratulations to Richik for his achievement !


International Yoga Day 2020

The International Yoga Day has been celebrated annually since 2015 in India. Yoga helps individuals to remain physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually connected. In the times of crises like the world is in, yoga helps individuals to remain calm and positive. Pupils of Garden High School celebrated the International Yoga Day following its true spirit.

Click here to view the video in the GHS YouTube Channel. 


World Environment Day 2020

Amidst the rising natural calamities and disasters the pupils of Class III of Garden High School, Kolkata feel that it is important to take small steps in their own little ways to safeguard the environment. They celebrate World Environment Day and pledge to make the earth a better place. It is a reminder for all of us the importance of conserving our environment.

Watch the video “Celebration of World Environment Day” by the pupils of Class III of Garden High School Kolkata in the GHS YouTube channel

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration 2020

Click here or the image above to view the video from Garden High School You Tube Channel.

The unusual circumstances around us could not dampen the spirit of our pupils at Garden High School. From their confinement at home they have put together a brief programme to celebrate the 159th birth anniversary of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore. Hope you enjoy it.

Celebrating International Dance Day 2020


Click here or the image above to view the video from Garden High School You Tube Channel.

Dance is an expression of the latent energy of the soul and a feeling of liberation. It breaks down the shackles imposed on the soul by rules, restrictions and constraints. The spirit of dance energises and motivates the soul and uplifts it unconditionally. So, even in this restless time of self-quarantining, the pupils of Garden High School celebrated International Dance Day with gay abandon. This small video clip is an attempt to bring forth that joyful expression of the pupils, their love and happiness.

Ei Samay Aakash Atmadeep Young Scholars 2019














To boost students of Classes V – X to think out-of-the-box, Ei Samay (a Times of India Group initiative) along with Aakash Institute conducted class-wise ‘Ei Samay Aakash Atmadeep Young Scholars 2019‘ evaluation among the students of the various schools of Kolkata.

Aaranyak Ray (VII C) became the champion in Class VII category. Sagnik Ghorai (V D) and Arkaalok Gangopadhyay (VII A) are the other winners of the award in the respective class-wise categories by securing a position in the top-25.

Details of results are available here:

Helping the needy

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As part of a social service project, pupils from Classes I to X of the Second Explorers’ Group (Bharat Scouts and Guides) of GHS collected a total of 860 kilograms of newspaper worth Rs.7000. The drive was organized on 11 January 2020. The money collected was used to purchase 94 shawls which were later distributed to the needy by the group members themselves.

Field trip to Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah

A field trip to the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah (more commonly known as Indian Botanic Garden) was organised on 11 January 2020 for pupils of Classes VII to  IX .They were escorted by two senior Biology teachers, Ms Sangita Mukherjee and Ms Manasi Mukherjee.
The pupils observed various kinds of plants and learnt about their unique features and importance.
The Great Banyan tree drew their attention which has two thousand and eight hundred aerial roots giving the appearance of a complete forest. Some other interesting features were the Mountain Rose, the Baobab and the Giant Water Lily.
The day trip got the pupils enthused about greenery and they enjoyed the beautiful array of flowers in the garden.

Achievements in Tennis – Saijayani Banerjee



















Saijayani Banerjee of Class VII D of GHS has won the Double Crown championship in the State Championship organised by Bengal Tennis Association for the Categories: Under-12 and Under-14 for the year 2019.

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